About me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my portfolio site. I'm glad you're here! 


I am originally from a small town in Connecticut, but spent the last four years in Poughkeepsie, New York, where I attended Marist College. In May 2020, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication with dual concentrations in Journalism and Public Relations. I also minored in Graphic Design and Photography. 

My interests include lifestyles, travel, fashion, news, wellness, design, literature, culture, mental health, entertainment, history, human interest stories, food, and ice hockey. I occasionally write about a conglomerate of these topics on my blog, Madison and Manhattan.

The Fun Stuff

You can usually find me: 

Browsing stacks of books at The Strand or playing with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Phoebe. 

My favorite sports team: 

The New York Rangers! I grew up watching hockey and even was a manager for the Marist ice hockey team in college.

Most exciting thing I've done: 

Volunteered as a Secretary of Juliet in Verona, Italy. 

Favorite musical: 

That's an easy one! Les Mis.

My party trick: 

Being able to recite the entirety of William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 from memory. 

My guilty pleasure: 

The Oxford comma. 😬

In three words, I'd describe myself as: 

Creative, passionate, outgoing.